Vlog #4 – Customer Centric Journey

by | May 29, 2023 | Applied Anthropolgy, Behavioral Economics, Customer Journey, Promotional Marketing, Quizzes, Strategy, Vlog | 0 comments

Creating a Customer-Centric Journey with Quizzes


Fourth in the inaugural vlog-content quiz series: In this episode, we build on previous episodes’ tips and tricks to prime your audience by inviting them into your version of their journey from “pain points” to exciting and easily applied outcomes. Ellen Koronet explains her take on Behavioral Economics and offers a way to apply this concept directly to your promotional proposition.  This episode dives into the clarity your Brand needs to communicate around each phase of the customer journey.


Take the companion Customer Centric quiz along with this lesson on how to relate to your customers and invite them in in a meaningful way. How much will your prospects find themselves in your Brand story? Take my short, fun Customer Centricity QUIZ (click here or start below)


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