Quizzes: Are you ready to Amp UP your lead magnification?

What’s in a Brand or Product Quiz?

A well-designed quiz is a series of intriguing questions leading to insight that illustrates a brand’s, a product’s, or a service’s brilliance. As an Applied Anthropologist, 35+-year marketing strategist, and sought-after focus group moderator, what I know for sure is that the bigger the question, the more inviting the engagement. This is exactly why quizzes are the marketing world’s best-kept secret! Brand quizzes give away what the expert knows, and do so in a fun and engaging way. Studies show that gamified interaction builds trust and interest. What better way than with a quiz?

Brand Personality quizzes can be designed to intrigue just the right new customers with the unique value of products and services. Once interest is engaged, product quizzes can streamline the process of placing the right product in the right hands the first time out: This reduces the need for phone calls, emails, or returns to zero in on the best fit.

Four Options:

How LNK Creative Can Help Create Quizzes

Strategic Bubble Mapping

Stand-alone Creativity Session

Using LNK Creative’s proprietary process, we cultivate your passion-infused reasons for offering what you offer. The visual map you receive lays out a pathway from pain points to ripple effects. We can then use this blueprint to craft your quiz/assessment measures and outcomes.

Expert Support

Are you ready to create, but not sure how to begin, how to score, what to say, or how to integrate it all?

Brief Ellen-K on your system/quiz/typology and she will set it all up for you. Includes design advice, set up, troubleshooting. Start here with a free consultation.

Clarify & Co-Create

Are you ready to go, yet still curious about what kind of quiz to even create?

Are you ready to magnetize your brilliance with no idea how?
Start with a 90-minute creative clarification, design and strategy session. Sit back and enjoy the process as Ellen-K crafts your brand brilliance into an insightful system, sets it up, helps you integrate for enticing follow-through, and supports you periodically as you ramp up. First step is your free consultation.

Done For You – Marketing Research
Assessments, Focus Groups & Surveys

Since 2004, LNK Creative has been serving brands with product selection, robust typing tools, complex archetypal insight, and more.

For more complex, done-for-you assessments or voice-of-the-customer research, LNK Creative will set you up on our robust, full-service platform and will maintain and strategically analyze the project for you with an annual contract. Start with your free consultation.

See Our Live Client Quizzes!

Here are some of our favorite client examples of new involve.me-based quizzes we have co-created recently! Each of these showcases the brand brilliance, provides you with some excellent insight, and connects you to a brand we love. These are active quizzes, so you may be asked to subscribe.


On Purpose Woman Global Community • Spotlight Quiz

In over 21 years of On Purpose Woman Community, Ginny Robertson has watched and participated in the growth of so many unique and inspiring women and entrepreneurial brands. Take this Quiz to find out what you have in common with women who SHINE in the Spotlight!


LNK Creative Quiz Hacks

(Ok, this is another of LNK Creative’s own! Do you want to learn something about how to design the most effective quizzes, assessments, or surveys?)
  • Discover your quiz hacks score.
  • Most people get about four out of the six short questions correct.
  • You get tips and tricks (the right answers) all along the way.
  • Opt in to our list at the end and get your score, a PDF with more tips, and a discount on your next LNK Creative project, workshop, or card deck. 

Chakra Quiz with Bessie Estonactoc (BE)

Bessie Estonactoc is a Spiritual Coach, Teacher, and Healer. She is passionate about teaching heart-centered business women to achieve more peace and calm in their relationships and lives. This quiz takes you through the 7 energy centers (chakras) to find which ones are needing the most support going forward… It is based on one of LNK Creative’s rebrandable archetypal quizzes.

Contact Ellen Koronet if you’d like to give us some feedback on our newest quizzes!

We’d love to know how they work for you so we can share the love and/or make improvements.

Why Quizzes?

Quizzes work better than conventional lead magnets.


out of 10 things shared on Facebook are quizzes


lead capture rate as opposed to 10% for forms


average number of times a quiz is shared on Buzzsumo