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Along with her penchant for social scientific research and insight, Ellen Koronet loves to write, edit, craft, speak, and play with written and spoken words. Here are some of her publications and appearances.


Ellen Koronet is proud to appear on two prestigious stages in Spring of 2024, and was honored to present at QRCA in 2015 (Qualitative Research Consultants Association annual conference).

Ellen Koronet - Speaker at Qual360

 Qual360 North America

You can view this talk by clicking on the image here. Ellen presented a case study in using a “quizzology” approach to Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI), along with Shannon Cassidy of Bridge Between, Inc., and Tyrell McElroy of Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS). We blazed a new path to hands-on implementation of BBBS’s cutting edge approach to JEDI. Using a quiz to raise awareness and take the “work” out of expanding mindsets, this session took place in March of 2024 at the iconic Gallup HQ in Washington DC. Qual360 is a pre-eminent qualitative researcher’s goldmine, attracting a curated group of corporate strategists and researchers along with cutting edge qualitative research technique venues. The conference is held each Spring.

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Greenbook’s IIEX North America 2024, April 2024

You can view this talk by clicking on the image here. Greenbook is the marketing research world’s premier directory for marketing and research executives, and is the provider of the “Insight & Innovation Exchange” (IIEX) line of conferences. LNK Creative is proudly listed in this directory: LNK Creative – Greenbook Directory Listing.

Ellen took the Red stage in Austin in April 2024 to deliver her signature insight into redefining personality typing. YOU can participate in her ongoing research on reconfiguring the Introvert-Extravert spectrum:

QRCA Annual Conference 2015

QRCA Annual Conference, 2015

Ellen Koronet of LNK Creative presented her expert perspective on “Game-ification” within the purview of Qualitative Research. Ellen offered a powerful case study of a game-ified Customer Journey Mapping process she designed for a multi-billion dollar insurance provider serving Medicaid markets. The techniques Ellen designed and implemented cut through these particular customers’ personal and cultural reticence. LNK Creative’s innovative focus group methodologies provided a unique view into the decision process to help the organization meet these customers at heart and provide better access to healthcare designed for them.

From QRCA Gamification Talk 2015 - Ellen Koronet
From QRCA Gamification Talk 2015 - Ellen Koronet

Articles & Co-authorships

On Purpose Woman Magazine

Ellen Koronet is a returning author to this excellent on-line magazine founded and produced by Ginny Robertson’s team at On Purpose Woman Global Community. The magazine is free to both men and women. After publishing a beautiful paper version for many years, Ginny switched to this digital version during the craziness of the pandemic. This magazine is ALWAYS filled with smart, tactical, and inspiring how-to’s, stories, art, and opportunities and LNK Creative is proud to contribute.

Redefining Introversion by Ellen Koronet

Echolocating Introversion, May-June 2024, page 76

In this issue, Ellen provides initial insight from our exciting self-funded introversion-extraversion experiment. 

Redefining Introversion by Ellen Koronet

Redefining Introversion, Jan-Feb 2024, page 20

In this issue, Ellen writes about her mission to shift old-school personality typing constructs. Focusing in on “introversion,” Ellen provides tips and insights into celebrating where you are on this dynamic spectrum, at any given time and in any given context.

On Purpose Woman Magazine Featuring Ellen Koronet - April 2022

Marketing in an Age of Commercial “Warming,” Mar-April 2022, page 72

Ellen Koronet describes the value in personalized, interactive, game-ified marketing. She lays out examples and benefits of counteracting the commercialized trends until now. With Artificial Intelligence opening the floodgates of pseudo-personalization, it is critical to keep promoting with heart-centered integrity at the core.

The Mar-April 2022 issue can be found at OPW Magazine Archive – On Purpose Woman Global Community

On Purpose Woman Spotlight - Ellen Koronet

What’s in a Spotlight? May-June 2021, page 22

Shortly after designing the On Purpose Woman spotlight quiz, LNK Creative provided this insightful highlight of Ginny Robertson’s approach to nurturing On Purpose women. Her lead magnet quiz asks provocative questions to tease out where women entrepreneurs are on the journey towards amplifying their brilliant voices.

The May-June 2021 issue can be found at OPW Magazine Archive – On Purpose Woman Global Community 

On Purpose Woman Spotlight - Ellen Koronet

QRCA Views Magazine (Peer Review Magazine)

Ellen Koronet co-wrote articles on Design Thinking, exploring how this profoundly effective creativity process can be applied by Qualitative Research Consultants to produce new ideas and insight.

Consciouspreneur Magazine Featuring Ellen Koronet

ConsciousPreneur Magazine Spring 2023, Page 20
The Thawing of Sales and Marketing

The ConsciousPreneur Magazine Spring 2023 by Mary Meduna-Gross

In this creativity-focused article, Ellen Koronet writes about HOW to find the passionately fired messages and enticing propositions in any brand. This heart-centered (feminine-minded) approach is critical to success in the current age of marketing. She closes with specific steps for engaging with just the right audience for each brand.

Podcasts, Vlogs, & Interviews

The Power of Oprah and of Personal Style: Interview with Ellen Koronet

The Power of Oprah and of Personal Style: Interview with Ellen Koronet | Women in Research

With over 40 years of experience, Ellen Koronet, Principal & Chief Creativity Officer at LNK Creative, shares her journey from starting in a very competitive workplace to speaking on platforms such as QRCA, Florida Creativity Conference, On Purpose Woman Global Community, and this year Qual360 NA and IIEX NA, where she’ll be talking about introversion/extraversion – very fitting for with this topic!

Compelling Proposition - Promotional Quizzes by LNK Creative

Game-ification & Customer-Centric Marketing

LNK Creative has designed an innovative way to educate, entertain, and entice your best audience to engage with your brand’s best propositions. In this “proof of concept” series of vlog posts and content quizzes, Ellen Koronet walks the viewer through seven key concepts for modern marketing and promotion. Each vlog post comes with a short companion quiz to provide the viewer with tailored insight into where they currently are on the specific concept. She starts with “Game-ification” and ends the proof of concept series with LNK Creative’s full scale marketing research approach.

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On Purpose Woman Interviews and Speaker Spots

Ellen Koronet is a frequent speaker and interviewee on Ginny Robertson’s excellent platform: Go to Ginny’s YouTube channel to watch recent presentations/interviews:

On Purpose Woman Speaker: Redefining Introversion/Extraversion May 2024

Interview with Ginny Robertson on “Redefining Introversion,” January 2024

Unartificial Intelligence in a Quick-Paced Marketing World

Conversation Starters and Lead Warmers

Minding Your Mission to Fly Your Flag

Playful Entrepreneurship

Playing with Archetypes

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Merged Media Podcast with Jason Hunt

In this dynamic interview, Ellen Koronet and Jason Hunt of Merged Media, a digital marketing firm based in Canada, discuss the pioneering use of lead magnet quizzes to entice and engage B2B audiences.


Redefining Introversion by Ellen Koronet

Inner Muse & Mentor Card Deck & Guidebook

This double-sided picture deck with original photos comes in a pouch with detailed guidebook. The deck and guide serve as modern “oracles,” encouraging flow and inspiration with archetypes that are based on original creativity research.

With 15% website discount: $27 + shipping

What Businesses Need to Know Right Now - Ellen Koronet Contributor

What Businesses Need to Know, Volume 2

Ellen Koronet contributed to this unique compilation of business strategies, based on Nettie Owen’s interviews with business leaders.

Don't Believe a Word You Say - Ellen Koronet Main Editor

Don’t Believe a Word You Say

Ellen Koronet was the main editor of this excellent self-help tool. Ms. Gutmann provides a fool-proof step-by-step method to overcome self-doubt. She uses a number of case studies to illustrate a variety of applications. You can request a download of her book here.

Heal My Voice, Founded by Andrea Hylen

Ellen Koronet has been involved with this excellent non-profit since its inception in 2011, contributing to three of the anthologies, co-editing one, and serving on the Board of Directors.

Fearless Voices: True Stories by Courageous Women

(Heal My Voice Book 1)

Inspired Voices: True Stories by Visionary Women

(Heal My Voice Book 2)

Sensual Women: True Stories by Women Exploring Connection & Desire

(Heal My Voice Book 3)

Other Publications & Appearances

Compelling Proposition - Promotional Quizzes by LNK Creative

Sponsor/Speaker @Florida Creativity Conference

For six years, Ellen Koronet was a Leader and Sponsor for this grass-roots organization. The Florida Creativity Conference focussed on promoting the benefits of creative thinking, problem solving, expression and education… within community. Ellen Koronet provided workshops on managing inner “muses and mentors,” and supported in-depth feedback and insight for her Leader colleagues.