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It’s time to ask big questions and listen for inspired answers!

Ellen K has arrived at a precise understanding:

Ellen Koronet - LNK Creative

The old ways of doing business aren’t serving us. It is time to break down those boxes and freely share our excitement and compassion with each other. Contributing and communicating from a place of brilliance and joy unleashes an empowering connection.

Brands often immerse themselves in marketing to generate sales. What if executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals are really here to share our human spirit, passion, and creativity? What if, as we do, we exchange more value for value – organically, easily, authentically?

Is Your Brand Ready to Magnetize?

Ellen Koronet - LNK Creative

I’m Ellen Koronet, Chief Creative Officer and Principal of LNK Creative. We use something I call “brilliance-based whole brain marketing” to tap into the unique brilliance of your brand and broadcast it to speak directly with your best prospects and clients.

Our Gamification Lead Magnet Quizzes and Brand Personality Typing tools produce warm leads and repeat buyers, which makes it easy to create a seamless stream of loyal referrals.

Quiz Creation

LNK Creative is a methodologist on a mission! We are passionate about making interactive content available to brilliant brands! Whether you are looking to build your own quiz, need a little help and direction, or are ready to bring in your very own Engaging Content Specialist, we’ve got a solution for you! 

Make your OWN Quiz

Get 15% off on your first payment to involve me, the platform we recommend wholeheartedly!

Expert Support

LNK Creative will evaluate and set up your already designed quiz for you. Includes design advice, set up, troubleshooting.

 Clarify & Co-Create

Start with a 90-minute creative clarification, design and strategy session. Sit back and enjoy the process as Ellen-K crafts your brand brilliance into an insightful system, sets it up, helps you integrate for enticing follow-through, and supports you periodically as you ramp up.

Multi-Dimensional Quiz/Project

For more complex, done-for-you assessments or marketing research, LNK Creative will set you up on our robust, full-service platform and will maintain and strategically analyze the project for you.

Why Customize a Quiz or Personality Typing Tool with Ellen-K, Chief Creative Methodologist?

Reach Beyond the Habitually Thinking Mind

In today’s fast-paced, over-crowded electronic world, storytelling is essential: Research shows that opportunities for customers to recognize their own experience in your Brand’s Identity significantly increase sales. The more interactive a Brand is, the better the Brand will be at making a case for the expertise and ability to resolve the customer’s “pain points.”

LNK Creative uses decades of psychosocial, nonverbal, creativity-based training and practice to design accessible and easy to use tools that facilitate engagement.

A well-designed quiz or assessment not only provides insight tailored to the individual, but does so in the Brand’s unique voice, building trust, credibility, and “proof of concept.” This significantly increases warm leads, reduces effort and time for conversion to sales, and improves the customer experience (resulting in better product matches and less follow-up or fewer returns).

You no longer need to work at finding your best customers, and the entire process of discovery and matching is automated. When you personally step in, the relationship is already initiated – you know what this customer wants and needs, and they know why they should trust you to deliver just that.

Ready to Start Now?

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How Can LNK Creative Help Connect?

Quiz Design

LNK Creative is your go-to designer, whether you want to magnetize the brilliance of your brand, or create a methodologically sound assessment.

Strategic Coaching

In these LNK Creative webinars and creative sessions, we dive deep into “The Art of Asking BIG Questions.”

Creative Insight Tools

LNK Creative’s proprietary Inner Muse & Mentor Archetype system is available for coaching certification, and has been used in university-based leadership training and creative-thinking programs.

Ellen Koronet - LNK Creative

Try LNK’s Lead Magnet Quiz!

What’s YOUR Go To Thinking Style?

Gain a snapshot of how you approach challenges and creativity. And learn more about how we can customize this lead magnet style quiz for YOUR brand!

What Customers Are Saying

“Ellen is the perfect blend of genius and goodness. She’s an expert at her craft of designing assessments. Her methods are solid, her commitment to excellence is inspiring and she’s a true partner. It’s not “my project” it’s “our project”. She’s creative, kind and generous while also bright, experienced and professional. Ellen is best in class. I’d highly recommend her for any assessment and creative engagements. Grateful for you, Ellen!”

– Shannon C.

Speaker, Coach, Facilitator, Author, Podcast Host

What Customers Are Saying

“Ellen’s skill set is amazing. She successfully blends the ANALYTIC with the CREATIVE. In my experiences, that combination of talents is unusual, and to be so competent at both is absolutely rare. Working with her is also a pleasure because of her sense of humor.”

– Susan S.

Business & Communications Coach

What Customers Are Saying

“I have witnessed Ellen’s unique abilities and enthusiasm in all that she does: Creative problem-solving, designing and hosting quizzes and forms that incorporate the passions behind her clients’ business offerings. She has successfully launched interactive online questionnaires for a number of my colleagues and friends that have proved invaluable: They were able to take new steps based on the insight, tangibly enhancing their success”

– Monica W.

Contributing Author at 365 Ways To Connect To Your Soul

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