What’s Ellen Koronet’s path to “Creative Engagement Methodologist?”

Ellen Koronet - LNK Creative
Ellen Koronet - LNK Creative

Ellen Koronet is a self-proclaimed Creativity Engagement Methodologist. As principal of LNK Creative since 2004, she has created a Whole Brain Marketing system that voices the intricately unique brilliance of your Brand and broadcasts it to speak directly with your untapped audience and your client base. This engagement produces warm leads and repeat buyers, which makes it easy to create a seamless stream of loyal referrals. Her main modality is quizzes and brand personality typing tools.

LNK Creative’s quizzes and assessments provide a unique lead magnet while both streamlining and deepening the new customer engagement process. LNK Creative’s clients find the value in working together begins with the early consultation process: clients zero in on their ideal client base in a deeper way, even when they thought they had it down! This means that more prospects become clients, because there is a substantive connection that has already formed roots. Conversion to sales is a smooth process, and the quality of the customer base is improved.

Ellen Koronet has been active as an Applied Anthropologist, a Qualitative Research Consultant (Focus Group Moderator) and Full Service Marketing Research Consultant since the early 1980’s! Her articles, guest blog posts, conference presentations, and client lists span the globe. She is seen as an expert in many topics, including “Gamification,” “Customer Journey Mapping” using proprietary creativity techniques, “The Art of Asking Big Questions,” and “Using Archetypes Personally & Professionally.” She has served on creativity committees and advisory boards to enhance efficacy and productivity.

Ellen Koronet - LNK Creative

Appearances & Honors

Sponsor/Speaker @Florida Creativity Conference

Ellen Koronet is a long-time Leader and Sponsor for this grass-roots organization. The Florida Creativity Conference takes place every Spring to spread our passion for promoting the benefits of creative thinking, problem solving, expression and education. We encourage positive change as people develop their amazing creative potential.

“Don’t Believe a Word You Say!” by Irene Gutmann, 2021

Ellen Koronet was the main editor of this excellent self-help tool. Ms. Gutmann provides a fool-proof step-by-step method to overcome self-doubt. She uses a number of case studies to illustrate a variety of applications. You can find her book here, available for free download.

Heal My Voice, Founded by Andrea Hylen

Ellen Koronet has been involved with this excellent non-profit since its inception in 2011, contributing to three of the anthologies, co-editing one, and serving on the Board of Directors.

Fearless Voices: True Stories by Courageous Women

(Heal My Voice Book 1)

Inspired Voices

(Heal My Voice Book 3)

Sensual Voices

(Heal My Voice Book 9)

QRCA Annual Conference 2015

To rave reviews, Ellen Koronet delivered a case study in Gamification of Customer Journey Mapping to a full room of Qualitative Research Consultants.

Views Magazine

Ellen Koronet co-wrote articles on Design Thinking, exploring how this profoundly effective creativity process can be applied by Qualitative Research Consultants to produce new ideas and insight.

What Customers Are Saying

“Working with Ellen has brought a level of creativity and brilliance to my work that I never thought possible. Her infectious joy of being so invested in her client’s success is powerful, motivating and truly authentic! The quizzes she has helped me to create have expanded my business horizons in beautifully unexpected ways.”

– Jennifer C.

RN & Whole Health Educator

What Customers Are Saying

“Ellen asks the difficult questions and and makes the effort to truly understand my business and objectives. Combined with her repertoire of innovative methodologies, personal attention to detail and crisp analysis, I was always provided with a strong deliverable which I could confidently use for strategic business decisions. She clearly enjoys her work and brings not only her expertise, but personal enthusiasm to every project.”

– Denise H.

Global Market Insights

What Customers Are Saying

“Ellen is an exemplary market research professional who consistently provided actionable results that guided strategic direction. Ellen posseses a tremendous ability to clearly understand business objectives and design research that delivers meaningful insights. Additionally, she demonstrates a very collegial, flexible, and “can do” spirit that enriched the business partnership.”

– Milt T.

Biopharmaceutical Market Insights Consultant