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Businesses We Love

These are brands we are using here at LNK Creative, because we love their brilliant solutions! Note that some are affiliate links: you’ll help me and receive a discount too!


When you hire LNK Creative to craft your quiz and supercharge the interactive conversation your quiz will spark, you will most likely need this excellent quiz platform. Feel free to explore it now, and sign up whether we design together or not!

Involve.me is a relatively new platform that I have carefully chosen to partner with. This creative group is responding to my improvement requests remarkably well! Use this monthly or yearly subscription to create integrated, sharable, beautifully customized quizzes, forms, and surveys. They’ve got a whole lot of bells and whistles for us! When you also hire LNK Creative, we will explore all the possibilities and tips and tricks!


My long-standing quiz and strategic coaching client, BioElectric Shield is the “real deal!” Use my affiliate link for a discount on top-of-the-line ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) protection from all those electronics and unpleasant energies from some people you can’t avoid. Before you decide, you’ll have a chance to take their customization quizzes and learn more about your precisely recommended shield level.


Bridge Between is the only executive coaching team with expertise on the power of generosity.

As a trailblazer, you seek every competitive advantage you can. Generosity is that advantage. Much like an ROI, there is also an ROG (Return on Generosity).  Bridge Between offers coaching and facilitation services to help you and your team get the most on your return.

New Quizzes!


Kate Reuter Coaching

This is for all of you amazing moms: Take this fascinating quiz to find out what your loving effort may be costing you. How much pressure are you really under, and what would you actually earn if this was a corporate job?


Super Manifestor Quiz

Marion Morley, Your Life Soul Coach, “helps clients to be who they are meant to be, strive to be the best they can, and live the life they have always dreamed of.” Her Super Manifester Quiz will illuminate your own innate ability to move precisely and easily in the direction of your dream.


Erin Harrigan • The Faith in Business Coach

Erin guides women in bridging Faith and Business practices, allowing God to be a business partner. This quiz will help you assess the gap so you can fully embrace the power of pursuing success God’s way!

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