Vlog #5 – Conversation Starters

by | Jun 5, 2023 | Applied Anthropolgy, Customer Journey, Promotional Marketing, Quizzes, Strategy, Vlog | 0 comments

Game-ifying the Customer Journey with Quizzes


Fifth in the inaugural vlog-content quiz series: In this episode, we build on the previous episode’s explanation of Behavioral Economics. Learn how to facilitate two-way conversations with your best customers and prospects using Ellen Koronet’s applied anthropology take on Archetypes and Metaphorical meaning-filled language.


Take the companion Smart Conversation Starter quiz along with this lesson on how to convert your best features, benefits, and outcomes into a quiz or assessment that directly speaks to your primed or prime-able audience. How ready are you to start a two-way quizzified conversation with your audience? Take my short, fun Smart Conversation Starter QUIZ (click here or start below)


While you are on LNK’s YouTube Channel for this fifth episode,

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