How can LNK Creative help your Brand to Magnetize?

Creativity is the New Currency for Serious Business.

Every brand is an extension of the people who create and deliver it. By connecting through play and possibility, we can leap right into a solid relationship with people who truly resonate with us. It really can all start with the first “hello!”

Quiz Customization With LNK Creative

The most energizing and insightful quiz must start with cultivation of the brand’s essence, and the benefits and outcomes the brand makes possible.

Did you know that it takes at least three rounds of iteration before the habitual mind moves out of the way to make way for new ideas?

Every LNK Creative project starts with an excavation of the fundamental power of your Brand: Using LNK Creative’s signature creativity processes, we unearth more brilliance than you even knew your Brand harbors.

Here’s a sneak peek at how our quizzes usually unfold ↓

Step 1

Free Consultation

We explore the possibilities and create your customized plan

Step 2

Creative Excavation Session

60 to 90 minutes of strategy and brand-mining exercises. These sessions are always full of AHA’s (and a few HA HA’s)!

Step 3

Quiz Creation

LNK Creative recommends through our affiliate-discount link for most projects. For a one-time development fee to LNK Creative, and your own subscription to, you walk away with your own account and an insider’s set up and tutorial so you can replicate and create your own future versions of quizzes and forms.

Click here for a free trial and access to LNK Creative’s affiliate discount.

Step 4

Set-up, Draft, Revise, Complete

LNK Creative designs and programs your quiz and takes you through an iterative finalization process.

Step 5

Follow-up & Support

Tutorials, Tweaks and Check-ins – LNK Creative makes sure you are optimized with your auto-responders, integrations, sharing, and data processing. And you keep your regularly scheduled access to LNK Creative’s coaching through the duration of the contract.

Strategic Coaching

Always included in Quiz Design projects, LNK Creative is often asked to break out this valuable service for informative webinars, classes, or 3 to 6 months of coaching.

In these webinars and creative sessions, we dive deep into “The Art of Asking BIG Questions.” In addition to having Social Scientific discipline as her quiz creation and coaching backbone, Ellen has drawn from decades of being a seasoned corporate focus group moderator, creativity and innovation facilitator, published author and editor.

Ellen K has an uncanny ability to temporarily hush the logical mind, summoning what she calls the “inspired mind” to unwrap new ways of seeing the unique value proposition in the brand. This is why her clients’ quiz-takers feel seen and heard, and respond organically.

Creative Insight Tools

In 2013, Ellen Koronet published her research-based, QRC-informed (Qualitative Research Consultant) and Creativity Facilitator-informed modern archetype deck and system. The Inner Muse & Mentor Creativity Guidebook and Deck serve as the basis for personal coaching and facilitator training. This system has been used in university-based leadership training and creative-thinking programs. Limited supplies of the deck and guidebook are available below.

Muse / Mentor Deck & Guidebook – $32

This double-sided picture deck with original photos comes in a pouch with detailed guidebook. The deck and guide serve as modern “oracles,” encouraging flow and inspiration with archetypes that are based on original creativity research.

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$27 + shipping

30-Minute Creative Activation Session – $54

Learn how to personally and professionally optimize the system! In a personal one-on-one session, Ellen Koronet will introduce you to the archetypal system and show you how to use it for yourself or your coaching or consultation clients.

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Ask Us About Inner Muse / Mentor Certification

Start with a free consultation to assess your coaching needs.

We will personalize the system for your practice.