What Makes a “Funnel” FUN?

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Are You Ready for Your Exciting Brand to Magnetize?

As CEO of your brand (choose what this title stands for carefully – that’s another blog post!), it is imperative that you reach out in a way that captures the attention of your best future audience(s). If I just made that sound too easy, that’s okay…  It IS super easy if you define “marketing” and “funnel” the way I do….

  • Focus on why you love what you offer or do for your best customers/clients.
  • Imagine wrapping that up as a super awesome gift. What tag goes on the outside? What do you want them to be excited about finding when they unwrap the joyfully packaged insides?
  • Give plenty of relatable opportunities and options: examples of how you’ve been in their shoes, chances to see how you and others love your output, chances to try for themselves.
  • THIS is your “FUN-nel…”

LNK’s Definition of Marketing Fun-nel: A series of game-like offers that engage both the offerer and the offeree in a two-way conversation so they both emerge energized and satisfied with the value-to-value — usually FUN — exchange. This definition comes with a quick-check: Are you pushing the offer in one direction? Have you forgotten to give the offeree a chance to know, like, and trust you? Have you infused a little challenge and/or fun into the process?

To illustrate the power of uplifting engagement, let’s walk through two contrasting examples…

A) Freefall Fred: “Are you missing out? Get my sure-fire way of reaching thousands right in their in-box. Act now on this $500 offer (value $5,000) or keep missing out!”

Although this formula may work, I’m sure you can feel all the missteps here:

      • Starts with the negative: Focusing on what the reader is doing WRONG starts you on a downward, one-way conversation. This IS a “hook,” but it is not the start of a connected relationship!
      • Focus is on what you want them to give you: When we ask and do not instantaneously give as we are receiving, we cut off an opportunity to grow trust. Trust is what allows for a satisfying exchange. Both sides gaining means both sides amplifying… results, momentum, loyalty, referrals.
      • Assumes credibility without building it: It is okay to name the cost, but only if it is SUPER clear what the value is behind the figure.

B) Joyfilled Justin(e): “What’s Your Irresistible Money Magnet Secret?” Take my 3-minute quiz and find out.

Of course, my favorite way of fun-nel-izing a funnel is with a lead magnet quiz, but stay with me here…

      • Starts with an intriguing positive: Focusing on what the reader is doing RIGHT, and suggesting that you have a way of shining a light on something they are already proud of or excited about not only starts a conversation, but suggests that you know something that will support and encourage them: This is a TWO-way conversation!
      • Focus is on them: By zeroing in on who they are and what they are passionate about, you are also providing a chance to tell your own relatable story. Building your “know, like, AND trust” factor leads to longevity, which amplifies all of the positive potential outcomes (results, momentum, loyalty, referrals).
      • Builds credibility: Your offer of instant gratification gives them a chance to see what you do, leading to curiosity about what could be next.

The job of the “top” of the funnel is to catch attention, educate, and intrigue. The “middle” and “bottom” move through exchanges of greater value, building momentum and loyalty as you go. If you can start by attracting exactly the people you serve best, a higher proportion will move right through.

To learn more about ALL of these aspects of excellent marketing funnels, and to gain actionable immediate steps, stay tuned for the Small Business Summit, coming in Fall of 2021 in Westminster, MD. I’m leading a breakout session and participating in a panel. Some of the absolute best marketing gurus I know will walk you through the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. This is the best value I’ve seen in a long while!