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Get the most sophisticated, privacy-protected interaction available:  Customers or visitors to your website can assess their needs on YOUR continuum.  Fun, Interactive, Informative, this is a unique Social-Science based customizable tool, now available to small businesses. 

How would you like to have your own personalized assessment right on your website? Potential and Current clients can find out quickly and easily just what they are best suited for. On top of hearing about each assessment, you can opt to receive weekly or monthly reports on what your clients value. With a few artfully crafted questions, your customers (past, present, and future) can find out where they are on the continuum of care, and where they are best suited for your services.  You get to sit back and watch the reports and insight and requests roll right on in!


Here are some examples of LNK quizzes.

LNK-biz-quiz:  How Quiz-Ready Are You?

How Are You Thinking?
An example of Creative Thinking (LNK's system)

Electronic sign-up App (on line, conferences, networking)

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