Facing the “Right” Direction

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Strategy | 0 comments

As a self-proclaimed “Creative Engagement Methodologist,” I am on a constantly evolving, squiggly path of clarification, connection, and course-correction. My mission? Break down the “boxes” of perception and categorization we constantly slip into! Boxes designed to keep us safe…  Boxes designed to keep our boundaries up… Boxes that ultimately close others off and impose limiting expectations. My main modality is through the creation of lead magnet quizzes.

Recently, I participated in a five-day challenge with the brilliant Marion Morley, of “Your Life Soul Coach.” Towards the end of the challenge, she urged us to “ask for a sign” that we are on the path, heading in the right direction. It took me a few days (Marion is in the U.K., and I am in the U.S., so there’s a natural half-day lag anyway), but I woke up one morning and had the inspired thought: “My sign is the inspirational silver engraved necklace I bought from an artist (BB Becker) while on a business trip years ago! (Oh, and while I’m at it, I really would love to have ‘Grandma Selma’s pin’ appear in my life again).”

I hadn’t seen either piece in years, and they both hold dear emotions and remembrance. A few days later, after cleaning up all the inspirational card decks I’ve gathered over the years, on a whim, I pulled out a healing deck and followed the directions. I had already started to put it away when I was inspired to do the last step in the instructions. I reached into the box and pulled out the charm that came with the system. What’s THIS?  My inspirational artisan necklace! I had used the chain for a workshop years ago, keeping the art piece on there for good measure.

The artist has engraved this: “When facing the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking!”

For me, being on my “purpose path” and working with my quiz and strategy clients to clarify their brand’s brilliance so we can craft engaging conversations with their untapped audiences is all about facing a “right direction.” The first exercise I take my clients (and myself) through is to start writing down all the reasons we are headed towards a big idea. We keep asking “why?” “so what?” “who cares?” until the really powerful purpose points show up and latch on. From there, we can keep facing in the “right direction,” without hesitation. And when we do stumble, all it takes is a reminder to pivot back to center.

Download your “Right Direction” Worksheet here: Facing the “Right” Direction Worksheet – PDF.  And then, sign up for a free chat with me…  I want to hear about it!