Ever have a challenge on your plate?

LNK Creative has developed fun and easy systems to crack out of  habitual problem-solving modes.  Invite inspired logic to the table and get ready to rock and roll with new ideas.

By phone or in person.

Contact Ellen-K for more specific prices, dates, and venues.  

Right Brain CardioThe Daily CreativeInner Muse Focus Group ProcessCreative Play-Break

Right Brain Cardio

circlesExercise your innate creativity, Learn to move past “stuck” places

Introduction to Whole Brain Thinking: In this session, you become more aware of the BALANCE of Left-brain/Right-brain thinking, and learn which types of activities are most helpful to you personally for getting “unstuck.”

One thing I know for sure (just in case Oprah asks me): game playing, movement, and laughter are NOT just “leisurely” pursuits. Shaking it all loose with hands-on creativity, puzzles, and games provides the traction needed to get out of the muck, back in gear, and on the road again. We need to keep those muscles strong and juices flowing to make way for inspiration.

The Daily Creative

Create personalized tools to turn to on a daily basis

A hands-on creativity session: Through a series of customized activities, we specifically identify your current Left-brain (more verbal, logical) to Right-brain (more emotional, intuitive) ratio and then create personalized reminders of how to move back and forth.  What we’re learning now is that it’s not that difficult to break the dependence our society has on left-type dominance.

“[Through a private “story-board” creativity session with Ellen Koronet,] I gained a better understanding of how I’ve perceived life through my own filters, and some ways I can change those filters…  I can now change my perceptions to ones that will move me forward rather than keep me on the treadmill.”

Think of it as co-piloting.  In this workshop, you gain…

  • Awareness of the brain hemisphere in the driver’s seat at any given moment,
  • Agility at calling the co-pilot in (moving from Left-brain to Right-brain and back),
  • Visual reminders and techniques in the form of your own personal “fuzzy dice” to hang on your “rear view mirror.”

Inner Muse & Mentor Guides for Problem-Solving

Full discovery of your own Inner Muses and Mentors

LNK Creative’s signature process:  Learn about archetypal Inner Muses and Mentors while discovering your own personal pairs.

At any given moment, inside each of us, there are many feelings, thoughts, and forces in motion ~ sometimes at odds with one another, constantly striving towards some kind of balance. We have our own wise voices: our Muses, our reasons to get up in the morning and follow through on all the steps involved in creating. But we also have those challengers, those fully invested get-it-done know-it-alls who think they know better:  “Who do you think you are anyway?”

“[Through the signature “Inner Muse Focus Group” session with Ellen Koronet, I now have] greater clarity, new language to work with, notes I didn’t have to take, fun visual reminders of what inspires me and what I can do to move forward, a greater sense of ease around the project, and even excitement about taking the next steps!”

Using both word-oriented and non-verbal exercises, we identify those qualities we bring to all we do, those talents and satisfying experiences that bring a bounce to our steps and keep us motivated.  We also bring to light the questions posed by the concerned challenger voices we bring with us to our most passionate work: the concerns, fears, and blocks that seem to get in the way.

The results are both immediate and long-term: inspiration becomes accessible and memorable, and obstacles become stepping-stones. Muses have new freedom and Mentors can be asked to step back when they are no longer helpful.

Yes, this can be done remotely:  you will actually receive some fun snail mail this way!


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