Muse & Mentor Archetypes – Part 3

by EllenK on December 22, 2016

The Genome Sequence of Inner Muse & Inner Mentor Archetypes
“Evolution” Archetypes


By: Ellen Koronet, Chief Fun Officer & Principal

Muses and Mentors in the third subset of four archetypal pairs in the system are similar to the “construction” archetypes, but are more mature in a sense, since they are needed when routines set in and complacency is knocking at the door. These are the “evolution” archetypes. These four archetypes may challenge you to reach beyond the comfort zone into which you may have settled.

EVOLUTION Archetypes
From the Inner Muse & Mentor Creativity Deck*
– Subset Three of Four Subsets –

# Mentors IX to XII Muses 9 to 12
IX/9 Detail ~ Intricacy Beauty ~ Majesty
X/10 Caution ~ Boundaries Joy ~ Freedom
XI/11 Self-Reliance ~ Fortitude Selflessness ~ Love
XII/12 Conform ~ Compromise Authenticity ~ Fullness of Self
*Each of these four cards in the published deck is double-sided, with the Mentor in blue on one side, and the Muse in purple on the other side. The photos that accompany each quality were carefully chosen to represent that quality and appeal to the user in a particular way.

Overview of “Evolution” Archetypes

At least one of these four pairs in the deck can be useful when you find yourself becoming entrenched in habits and routines.

  • These four Muses encourage us to embrace seemingly contradictory benefits:
    • Keep an eye on the big picture AND revel in the joy of the moment,
    • Participate in community AND practice self-care.
  • The four Mentors in this group help honor these benefits by setting boundaries and encourage compromise when needed.

Muses in the “Evolution” Subset

This mode is about finding and appreciating your arrival at a place where you can truly enjoy the benefits of your efforts. It is “evolutionary” because these archetypes encourage you to pay attention to the kinds of adjustments that will help you continue to grow while enjoying what you have created. Here your expectations can come alive in a useful way. In this mode, notice when expectations are actually exceeded. Allow yourself to…

  • See and appreciate the beauty and majesty in your world;
  • Revel in the joy and freedom you have earned;
  • Never forget to give selflessly and appreciate the love of the community around you;
  • And yet, remember to share from an authentic place, always being driven to see the magnificence of YOU and your offerings.

Mentors in the “Evolution” Subset

The Mentor archetypes help with this phase by providing tools to keep you evolving. It is important to…

  • Keep track of detail or intricacy to keep you accountable;
  • Exercise caution and set boundaries to ensure that you have plenty to give;
  • All of which leads to self-reliance and fortitude so you are not waiting for others to provide for you;
  • And still, remember to conform and compromise so that your community can thrive.

Integration of “Evolution” Muses & Mentors

At any point in working towards a goal, always notice when you have begun to exhaust the benefits of thinking or acting in line with a particular Muse or Mentor. You will know you are approaching this threshold when you are feeling stuck (the downside of a Mentor) or dejected (the downside of a Muse). At this point, be sure to flip the archetypes over and reach towards the complementary quality.  In this way, you will balance the energies and begin to see clear progress. You will also feel the satisfaction that comes from taking action that is aligned with your dreams.

In the “Evolution” phase, this means appreciating the contrast of big picture and small detail, expansion and boundaries, selflessness and self-care.

Note: The guidebook that comes with the deck explains the system, describes the upsides and downsides of each pair, and offers some suggested exercises.  Ellen Koronet is also available for full workshops and creative problem solving sessions.

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