Muse & Mentor Archetypes – Part 1

by EllenK on December 22, 2016

The Genome Sequence of Inner Muse & Inner Mentor Archetypes
Part 1: “Generation” Archetypes


By: Ellen Koronet, Chief Fun Officer & Principal

This is the second article in the series, describing subsets of archetypal pairs in the Inner Muse & Inner Mentor Creativity System.

These four archetypal pairs in the system are especially helpful when birthing a new idea or when a new solution is needed. These are the “generation” archetypes.

From the Inner Muse & Mentor Creativity Deck*
– Subset One of Four Subsets –


Mentors I to IV

Muses 1 to 4


Realism ~ Physical Sensation

Expansion ~ Universal Support


Think ~ Plan of Action

Inspiration ~ What Shows Up


Do ~ Power Through

Be ~ Go With The Flow


Build ~ Focus on Structure

Dream ~ Focus on Intention

*Each of these four cards in the published deck is double-sided, with the Mentor in blue on one side, and the Muse in purple on the other side. The photos that accompany each quality were carefully chosen to represent that quality and appeal to the user in a particular way.

Overview of “Generation” Archetypes

At least one of the second four pairs is in play when a shift is needed to begin a new project, endeavor or phase.

  • These four Muses are wide open: ideas and dreams just waiting to be explored.
  • These four Mentors focus our attention on what needs to happen at this point in order to start the ideas and dreams on a path towards realization.

Muses in the “Generation” Subset

In this mode, allow yourself to explore new ideas, jot them down, play with them, stay curious and allow yourself to see what is in your peripheral vision. There may be something fluttering there that you have not noticed. The Muses in this group encourage Trust or Faith. At this phase, you may not have any idea how a successful outcome will be realized, but you know it’s worth working towards.  When generating or shifting into a new concept, ideas are best explored through journaling, meditation, movement, immersion in music, or walks in nature. Notice…

  • How you are supported in pursuing the aspects of your life or business that matter to you;
  • What is showing up to create new opportunities;
  • What is the essence of your dream and how can you express this as a motivating intention;
  • How does it feel to trust and go with the flow of these ideas and all that is surrounding you?

Mentors in the “Generation” Subset

In this subset, in order to avoid being caught in a constant barrage of ideas without the satisfaction of seeing them materialize, you must flip each Muse over to focus on the next steps. The Mentors in this group are all about formulating a plan of action. This can be done as brainstorming exercises or fact-finding missions. Questions to ask throughout these exercises might include….

  • What do you realistically see, hear, or know about the ideas or intentions?
  • What is the plan of action or blueprint to move towards the ideas or intentions?
  • What does the structure you are building look like and consist of? Which elements are big action items and which are incremental, planning steps?
  • When you are clear on all of the above, it may be time to “power through.” What are the very next steps you can take?

Integration of “Generation” Muses & Mentors

At any point in working towards a goal, always notice when you have begun to exhaust the benefits of thinking or acting in line with a particular Muse or Mentor. You will know you are approaching this threshold when you are feeling stuck (the downside of a Mentor) or dejected (the downside of a Muse). At this point, be sure to flip the archetypes over and reach towards the complementary quality.  In this way, you will balance the energies and begin to see clear progress. You will also feel the satisfaction that comes from taking action that is aligned with your dreams.

In the “generation” phase, this means allowing your dreams full reign. Honor them; acknowledge them; grant them wings to fly. And when it feels like they are beyond your grasp, turn gently towards your physical reality: see where you can anchor them and envision them fully functioning.

Note: The guidebook that comes with the deck explains the system, describes the upsides and downsides of each pair, and offers some suggested exercises.  Ellen Koronet is also available for full workshops and creative problem solving sessions.

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