Muse & Mentor Archetypes – Part 4

by EllenK on December 22, 2016

The Genome Sequence of Inner Muse & Inner Mentor Archetypes

“Fruition” Archetypes



By: Ellen Koronet, Chief Fun Officer & Principal

The final subset of four archetypal pairs in the system, the “fruition” archetypes, consists of qualities that are the least oppositional of all of the pairs in the deck.  This is because you are now enjoying the fruits of your labor. Balancing of these qualities is more subtle and is actually easier to achieve. For example, the difference between your physical health and your spiritual well-being is minor, and you clearly need to pay attention to both in order to continue to thrive.

FRUITION Archetypes
From the Inner Muse & Mentor Creativity Deck*
– Subset Four of Four Subsets –

# Mentors XIII to XVI Muses 13 to 16
XIII/13 Skills ~ Learning Gifts ~ Brilliance
XIV/14 Achievement ~ Satisfaction Gratitude ~ Fullness of Life
XV/15 Efficiency ~ Containment Abundance ~ Prosperity
XVI/16 Health ~ Thriving Well-Being ~ Stillness
*Each of these four cards in the published deck is double-sided, with the Mentor in blue on one side, and the Muse in purple on the other side. The photos that accompany each quality were carefully chosen to represent that quality and appeal to the user in a particular way.

Overview of “Fruition” Archetypes

This mode is the most open to interpretation – some people view these archetypes as reflections of themselves, while others receive a message about the world around them. These four pairs may call for your attention when you are reaching or enjoying a summit of success of some kind.

  • These four Muses are all about finding or sharing the benefits of how far you’ve come.
  • These four Mentors can help focus your attention on how or why you can amplify the Muse benefits at this juncture.

Muses in the “Fruition” Subset

These muses tend to show up when at least some aspect of a dream has been realized. Now is the time to allow yourself to be grateful…

  • Recognize the gifts and brilliance either in yourself or in your surroundings – that last piece of the puzzle you need to see or share the whole gorgeous picture;
  • Enjoy gratitude and fullness of life – well-earned and well-deserved;
  • Notice where abundance and prosperity are overflowing;
  • Always remember to focus on well-being and allow for stillness so that all these benefits can sink in and go to work for the benefit of those around you.

Mentors in the “Fruition” Subset

In this phase, the Mentors provide for subtle shifts to allow the Muses to shine. The Mentor archetypes remind you to…

  • Hone your skills or learning so that the gifts you have recognized are optimized;
  • Know that your achievements and satisfaction are well-deserved: you are WORTHY of all of this;
  • Allow the abundance and prosperity to be enjoyed by maintaining efficiency and containment;
  • Do not forget to tend to your physical health.

Integration of “Fruition” Muses & Mentors

At any point in working towards a goal, always notice when you have begun to exhaust the benefits of thinking or acting in line with a particular Muse or Mentor. You will know you are approaching this threshold when you are feeling stuck (the downside of a Mentor) or dejected (the downside of a Muse). At this point, be sure to flip the archetypes over and reach towards the complementary quality.  In this way, you will balance the energies and begin to see clear progress. You will also feel the satisfaction that comes from taking action that is aligned with your dreams.

In the “Fruition” phase, this means balance the accumulation of wonderful feelings, relationships, possessions, or experiences with healthy doses of humility and efficiency.

Note: The guidebook that comes with the deck explains the system, describes the upsides and downsides of each pair, and offers some suggested exercises.  Ellen Koronet is also available for full workshops and creative problem solving sessions.

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