Guest Blog: Howard County Holistic Center

by EllenK on November 29, 2013

by Lauren Swanger, holistic health enthusiast and research journalist

Ellen Koronet is the founder of LNK Creative, a creative problem-solving program for individuals and businesses. Her website offers creative solutions to everyday issues that may be causing obstacles in either one’s personal or business lifestyle. Ellen works with individuals and groups to help each one discover their own creative solutions to problems which have kept them blocked or at odds with the success they desire. To that end, she has developed Creativity Inspiration Cards which, based on her own research, allows one to act with one’s own innate knowledge and find answers to perplexing, and sometimes life-changing, challenges.

When Ellen began working with participants in her “Inner Muse Focus Groups,” she noticed that typical reactions appeared. Too much right brain or left brain activity inhibited creative solutions and both the individual’s, and group’s, problem-solving ability. Ellen’s Creativity Cards help facilitate the cooperation between the dominance of either the left (verbal, logical) or right (emotional, intuitive) sides of the brain. When dealing with questions of creative problem solving (right brain), strong objections were immediately voiced from others (with left brain tendencies). The same was true when the questions were reversed. It was apparent that the same type of questions rose from the shared qualities that complemented the Muses. The muses proved to have a YinYang quality, and these observations are what lead Ellen to create the Inner Muse Creativity Cards.

The Muses and Mentors are related to each other; there is no good without bad, no dark without light, and no upside without a downside. The relationship of each of them is that to half of a whole. A portion of each side must be represented in order to have balance. As you work with these cards, you begin to see various weaknesses and strengths emerge. This insight can help you find creative solutions to problems, recognize future pitfalls and avoid them, find innovative ways of furthering your business, and face previously troubling aspects of your life with a new attitude. They may be purchased on her website

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