Find Out About Web-side Quizzes for YOUR business!
(Or take one!)

This is a genuine creativity site where you can

 S  T  R  E  T  C  H  your thinking patterns &

Connect Heart to Heart with customers
(and other people)!

“Ellen-K” is a master creativity facilitator, focus group moderator and social researcher, connecting left-brain and right-brain “storming” to uncover hidden desires and solutions to every-day challenges.

LNK Creative infuses creativity into problem solving and communication for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

LNK Creative’s signature invention is Inner Muse Focus Groups, a process that unleashes and creates a dialogue between “Inner Muses” and “Inner Mentors.” This powerful process is also the magic behind LNK Creative’s role-playing process in which obstacles and inspirations are personified and engaged, resulting in exciting new discoveries.

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